My dad.

A few months ago, I bought my dad a “Skills” Napoleon Dynamite pin, because he stole my copy of the movie cos’ he liked it so much.

MonicaGator: Your dad wore his “Skills” pin to work the Rotary food booth at the Tennessee fair yesterday.
Poseur1039: Did anyone notice? I bet he was the coolest guy ever
MonicaGator: He got lots of positive comments! The kids loved it!

Holy shit, I have the most awesome dad ever! He looks so intimidating like the good Conservative Republican suit & tie that he is… but I know the truth!

3 thoughts on “My dad.

    • do i remember correctly? you said you didn’t want to be pals anymore. that usually means you stop wanting to be interested in what your “ex friend” is doing.

      high school is so goddam retarded and i’m glad i’m through with it.

      • yea girl high school takes it in da butt…. i wish i was out of here all ready… i am just glad i get out super early and have a stable job so when it comes to gradute i can get the fuck out of here… o and next time you are down… dinner!

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