Yes I watched the entire Mtv VMA’s this year, partly because I wanted to see Britney’s crash-n’-burn performance. oh, what a heinous performance I got! Brit looked like she was going to fall half of the time (and her boots were not ithat/i tall), and the other half she looked insanely nervous. I can understand some nervousness, since she was in a room full of celebrity snakes, judging every aspect of her appearance and routine (who was her stylist? That spangled bikini? The greasy, lumpy extensions?). But then again: Wake up, this is your ijob/i, Spears. obviously she doesn’t want it anymore. What a letdown for her fans.

So I was bummed Mizz Winehouse didn’t get any awards, but I found it funny that most of the lady nominees and winners skipped attending the downright disasterous awards show (Gwen, Fergie, Winehouse… and was Lily Allen even there?). Don’t forget to watch Perez Hilton on VH1 teemorrow night at nine. Sure to be “highlarious.”

Yeah I know I never post photos anymore, partly because my hair is so boring and blah and the most excitement during the day is doing construction projects around the house. But here you go anyway, if for any reason purely a form of (lack of) style documentation.
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smallyo white girl!/small/CENTER

… in other news, I watched iRadio Days/i last night on TCM. It was a bunch of separate narratives strung together by 1940s music; good thing it was less than ninety minutes. This morning, oddly enough, I ran across an interesting Woody Allen quote in this September’s GQ Comedian Fashion write-up:

blockquote”I like long-haired blonds – Brigitte Bardot, Julie Christie. Kind of animal-looking. I like big breasts on a girl, and big… behind, or at least reasonably prominent. I like her to be just a little heavier than what you might call perfect. Big eyes. Big lips. You can describe and ideal girl and then you walk out of your house and there on the street is just the opposite, a girl in a short haircut and pants, and flat-chested, but she is fantastic. She is devastatingly beautiful and you marry her.”
nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; i – from GQ, 1965/i/blockquote

This upholds my newfound faith in men, if not just for a little while.

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      • Re: P.S.

        tis the season! thankee! i don’t have a tree, so i did the next best thing.

        i was studying digital media under the graphic design track. they got rid of the graphic design track and the other tracks are heinous and vague and unspecialized… and i won’t waste my time with that. i wont’ do it! so now i’m back to college shopping. *le sigh*

  1. I like it. I did that to my hair back in the day. Only I’m a redhead and I dyed the bangs and sides bleach blonde. One time I put yellow manic panic in it and it came out Mountain Dew colour. I loved it.

    • Yes! She could use the self-esteem boost, that’s for sure! As for shake, let’s just let her start out by holding it quietly. She’s pretty good at the non-enthusiastic performances, so it can go up from there.

  2. id like to imagine there was an ear piece telling her what to do.
    ok twirl. ok now grab his crotch. ok now grind. good brit.
    and everyone reactions classic.
    and sarah silverman. hah i hate her comedy and no one was ready for what she had to say.

    • You know, you have a valid point about the ear piece. All the reactions were majorly delayed! I read on some celebrity gossip blog: “I didn’t know whether she was in a fast-food induced haze or on horse tranquilizers!” Teehee. Probably both. Looks like Criss Angel made her talent disappear?

    • I found it more to be that men love the “blonde bombshells” with the ridiculous pin-up bodies, but can fall in love with someone outside of their set “standards” as well. That’s how I feel, all the way around for both genduhz.

      P.S.: Distance Shag! Sounds… mediocre.

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