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first news, first. i’m completely moved in to my new apartment in orlando! it took two grueling hours in 91 F heat, up four flights of stairs, about six thousand times… but i am moved. i do need more hangers, though. and friends. any applicants?

matty was supposed to help me move in, but his car died. it worked again right after i finished unloading the last box from the car, half way melted from the heat. but at least the car got working; he came over and visited and saw my fine new place. while he was here, my room mate came by. she’s not here very often. she is really nice and accommodating; and a bit of a pothead. she had a few friends over last night, and they were really friendly. i hope i can make some nice pals, too.

i think i need to learn to be more uninhibited. sure, it’s the first time i’ve ever had any real privacy. the first time i can do what i please, eat when i would like, watch movies as loudly as i want, and decorate to my heart’s content. the only limitation is money and time. i fancy i’ll go grocery shopping this afternoon, after printing some morroccan recipes.

in other exciting news, i got a new puppy. it’s a mini dachshund, and looks just like its “big brother”, rocko (my other dachshund). we haven’t thought of a name for her yet, maybe “greta”. she’s eleven weeks. it gives me incentive to return home on the weekends!

so many things are happening – so much to do! as of now, i haven’t a digital camera; but i have one on order. go buy my other one. so no pictures of the place yet, unless i can con matthew into coming all the way out here, taking some, and emailing them to me. we’ll see.

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