more busy, i mean busier!

hearing: the cramps – bikini girls with machine guns | feeling: excited

here we go!! i’ve had a great time lately, as you can tell from my not updating regularly. my room mate and have thrown a shindig or two here, and have received quite a turn out on the second occasion. i met some very wonderful people as well. there are some things i am looking forward to, and other things i’m dreading. everything is just this blur lately — and i am just hanging on to the end. or is that me at the head?

october 11. house of blues. the reverend horton heat. i’ll be there, what about you? more details to come. today? shopping for a nice little something to cover my shoulders that will go with my new dress.

i am yet to find the connector wire for my camera, until i do, no new photos! and now my plans: independent bar on friday, bbq & pahr-tee on saturday, and some old school roller skating sunday. would you like me to pencil you in?

“he’s smitten!”

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