Military Junkz.

So, I put in an application to go to the Space Academy in December, and my friend’s dad is ushering my application to right people, if ya know what I mean. Talk about yer resume padding! ucfjediknight is going to apply, too, so I won’t be totally surrounded by science 1337.

The Florida Space Academy is a university-based interdisciplinary undergraduate program for undergraduate university and college students (I kind of already graduated and am like, 50 years old. Do I still count?) to prepare them for a future in a space related field and “to bridge engineering and science” gaps that exist in the educational and workforce marketplace (Anything space-related in the fine arts field? Want me to paint a picture of a Space Shuttle?). During the various Academy programs, the students work on a range of hands-on interdisciplinary projects that are designed to help students become ‘problem-solvers’ (Like how I get through said projects without feeling like an inferior moron who plays with paint sets), and experience real-life space (Girls Gone Wild zero-g?) and science based problems.

In addition, the students are introduced to the space program through informative tours (Like yearly elementary school field trips! I want some freeze-dried ice cream, neapolitan flavor!) and meeting with both potential KSC (mm, popcorn chicken) employers and informed personnel who will inspire these young men and women to seek ways in which they too will play a part in Florida’s space future (By attending… looking quite stylish).

The Academy also exists to encourage students to continue (Oh hellz, there’s prerequisites?) their studies in science-based programs at universities, through continuing studies, internships, science-based research programs, and other opportunities and cooperation initiatives between Space Florida and the NASA / Florida Space Grant Consortium (Very relevant, since I currently live in North Carolina).

Oh I it’s pretty BA. I love how everything I’m interested in has nothing to do with my college degree.

In more boring news, tomorrow I have my Air Force interview with Colonel so and so in Knoxville, TN. Then I take a reactions and multi-tasking test, which is like playing Star Wars Battlefront II. Lastly, I have a physical and will enjoy another peaceful overnight stay with giggling, moronic 17 and 18 year old girls. More importantly, I wonder how many people will be peeking at my vagina this time around? … I may or may not have mentioned that my last pelvic exam (at the university) had an audience of four in a 6×8 room; as they filed in, I asked them if I should be charging admission. What would YOU pay? Don’t answer that.

Find me in here.

I’m coming down to Florida October 11th & December 9th. Let’s party.

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  1. Egad i hope you are hitting up the december 11th academy where they provide free room and bored …. Dosent look like it thats the one I was signed up for since i cant do it during school. If your really sweet you could prob ask them to change it or see if you hav options hehe i dunno what to say hit me up.

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