Meow-n Führer.

font color=”red”poseur1039: He loves kitlers. We want to adopt one when we get settled.
Bewildrbeast: Who doesn’t?!
poseur1039: We will search for the elite tuxedo cat.

13 thoughts on “Meow-n Führer.

  1. love it

    My grandfather worked for the Royal Air Force during WW2 .. They had to leave Ireland to get work in England. I’ll ask my dad if he has any old photos of them, I know they’re not on the “homefront” (United States), but they were still on the right team, eh?

    • I loved his dimples, I inherited his! My grandmother has a sweetness to her, I almost fell over when I saw the photo of her with the two flowers in her hair! How adorable! How gorgeous! 🙂

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