matrix: rl

hearing: ben selvin – i’m forever blowing bubbles | feeling: accomplished

target: high school graduation. monday. 1900 hours.

yeah so i locked my keys in my car — in the ignition, even. luckily, it only cost $2.50 to get a key made, instead of $35 for a locksmith. me and matty tried doing it the car crook way, but to no avail. dammit, we just are not crooks. so, to apologize for being so careless with my pt, i washed and vacuumed her (a total car beauty makeover!).

yesterday i saw “the matrix: reloaded”. it was wonderful! i usually get really bored about an hour into really long movies, but this two and a half kept my attention the entire time. i even stuck around after the credits to see the matrix: revolutions trailer. it looks awesome as well. i saw dominic at the theater. he’s a dork like me and wanted to catch the film on opening day.

but! in other news, i have something exquisite to look forward to: sea island’s 75th anniversary celebration! the swank-tastic hotel was opened in 1928, and is going to have 20’s parties, fashion shows, ballroom dances, cocktail yaucht cruises, and very upscale dinners to celebrate. so, needless to say, i called for reservations as soon as i received the notice in the mail. it’s in october, so they haven’t worked out pricing yet. it’s going to be wonderful, something great to see on the horizon. and i’ll be the youngest one there! you know how old ladies make such a fuss over youngsters that look like they’re up to nogood.

and tomorrow is my party! i even bought a new swimsuit for the occasion. hooray for bbq and swimming and all that jazz. i hope people come out, so see you there!

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