Making Plans

This week has been very laid back, and I am extremely fortunate for that! The sun has peeked out for the first time in over a week, and it keeps varying from ice rain to sunshine and back again. I’ve been rather (and astoundingly) productive these lighter days at work.

I had my hair colored on Monday. It’s dark. I feel like Evelyn Salt… or maybe someone off of Jersey Shore. The vote is still out on that. Arm me with some orange tanner and a Bump-it and we’ll see…

Yesterday, I had my mock-up of my bridal gown fit. Minor changes, yes, but I am hoping it will turn out. The actual charmeuse gown is being crafted next week. Nervous…

While on wedding topics, I also picked a hair style. It only took me eight months to pick it. I’ve looked at thousands, considered an extensive range of “vintage looks”. I’ve always thought I’d wear a French twist for my wedding, ever since I was a kid, but for work I wear a chignon and a French twist every single day. Overkill & boring. I decided on Angelina Jolie’s updo from her Paris Salt premiere. It’s a sexy, interesting variation on a French twist, without it being too stuffy or too military.

My favorite person, Larry, returns home after eight weeks of being away on duty in Texas. For a welcoming, I am making a roast chicken, vegetables, and spätzle with chicken gravy. For dessert, I made tiramisu from scratch. What a spoiled guy!

Many days, I often find myself thinking about my old blogs I’ve had through the years (I have been online, writing, for over eleven years). My entire teen years are documented, quite frankly, almost daily through words and pictures. My college struggles and dealings with men have been recorded in minute detail. Until now, I’ve never had to really censor my speech, or play down my sometimes dry & salty sense of humor. I didn’t believe it when I read it in The Air Force Officer’s Guide: You really do live in a fish bowl and people are always watching. It’s tough to find a different way to express myself other than creating pages of brutal honesty. After so many years, it’s just… different.

Last weekend, a couple fellas from work went to a movie with me. Chris, who just finished his schooling in Shreveport, received his bachelors degree in Physics. For some reason that fact lauds much respect from me and makes me more inclined to spend my time on him for friendship. The strangest things convince me to bestow halos on others. Anyway, we saw Your Highness, which was crude, rude, and a lot of fun! I am a closet geekster and love fantasy and medieval films. I packed my purse with the following theater survival items: a 32oz bottle of water, a plastic sleeve of Crystal Light drink mix, a 1-lb. bag of dark chocolate M&Ms, and a 20 oz. bottle of Coke Zero. It’s a result of cultivating many years of movie theater candy and whatnot smuggling skills. It’s like delicious Tetris.

Thirty-nine days to go until the big day!

One thought on “Making Plans

  1. Brunette looks great on you – and that Angelina updo is gorgeous! It seems like it would fit your style so well.

    I can definitely relate to the “fishbowl” effect. Even as a Military spouse I feel that I have to tone down some of my opinions when speaking on a public forum. There have been countless times where I’ve updated my facebook status, only to go back in regret minutes later, deleting a post because I was fearful of sending the wrong message.

    But I’ve also learned that there’s a little mystery to not divulging somethings online.

    There are certainly benefits to using blogging/social networking as a means for expression, but I suppose that the Mil-life can be restricting in those ways.

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