Mafia Murder Mystery!

The past week was rather uneventful, save my Saturday night. My squadron put on a “Mafia Murder Mystery” Dinner Show. It was set in 1930 and the basic premise was someone close to “The Don” mob boss was trying to take over his prohibition racket. Spaghetti and meatballs were served, and I put together the music from my own collection. I just so happened to have over 1,200 songs from 1920-1930, and traditional Italian selections as well. I lended the lady cast members a few accessories and the show did go on!

My character, “Fifi” was the big boss Don’s (a major from the squadron) ridiculously dumb girlfriend. I played her with a high pitched Bronx accent, a bit like Lina Lamont from Singin’ In the Rain. She flirted with all the men, and people said they knew where I was in the room, regardless if they could actually see me or not; The voice carries! “Good n’ loud!” Everyone seemed to have a good time, and after I came out as an undercover FBI agent at the end, I died in the arms of a pilot instructor. I won the Best Actress award & Devin won Best Actor. He played two roles: “Jimmy the Gyp” from the docks, and “Dapper Dan” the accountant. I guess we’re a coupla hams. The costumes were a hoot, and one of the guys actually brought a violin case! And all these aviator type men are all pretty beefy and got a jaw that could kill a man. Notice the shark skin suit below – very mafia! Also, what I liked about this little production was there wasn’t really a set script, just ad lib. Lastly, on the way out of the building, I picked up a Barksdale AFB newspaper. I was featured in a huge picture in their Oktoberfest spread. Wunderbar!

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