living dead

hearing: rocky horror picture show – sweet transvestite | mood: nonchalant

i went to carrabba’s the other night and saw this rad pt cruiser that i see around the island sometimes. this time i took pictures. mine will look like this, when i get it. only it’ll be black instead.

it even has whitewall tires.

some people are so rude. yesterday, i was asking everyone what they did for their halloween. they’d tell me, and that was interesting, but they didn’t even ask how mine was. in civilized culture, if someone asks you, for example, “how are you?” you don’t just say, “good.” you say, “good, how are you?” at least try to pretend to be interested. get some manners.

here is dominic in web class. we’ve been doing such crap for work in there. dreamweaver and stuff. if it’s web design two, why don’t we design some pages, or learn how to? i’ve learned zip in there. wait, actually i learned how to do tables. but still. that’s pretty sad.

so you’re probably all wondering about my halloween. i dressed up as a fairy godmistress, with a tiara and a wand from claire’s. i wore my corset and tulle skirt, rhinestones around my eyes, and lots of glitter. however, i look pukey in the first picture. someone buy me a decent web cam for chrissake.

so it was me and matty’s two year anniversary. we went and saw “ghost ship”. he bought me chicken fingers and they were really good. that was the best part of the movie. or maybe it was the honey mustard. but alas, the movie was… well, they could have done a lot more with it. it seemed like they wanted to make it an hour and a half, no matter what else they could have done to it. but that’s not what was important; spending time with him was the best part. i gave him his presents – a black edward gorey shirt with a glow in the dark bat on it, a skull to hang in his hearse, and a cheesy halloween door hang that says “abandon hope ye who enter here” because his room is such a shithole. silly halloween gifts!

hey matty, nice rims.

last night i saw “pom pom zombies” at the school. for a school play it was wonderful. it was like a play set in the 1960’s. katty was the leading cheerleader, and was great as usual. chris mccollum stole the show as he dressed in drag as a russian lady. he had the accent, and even changed his high heels twice during the play. i wish i was as pretty as he was! it was marvelous.

oh! my aunt told me she’d give me her sewing machine. it needs a minor repair, but at least i will have my very own machine! hrm, i work today. a lot. the area craft fair is right on the street, so that means crazy crowds of cattle, i mean people. oh well, i’m making some money at least.

by special request of claire, here is the hideous pumpkin i carved. it was already molding. not cute.

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