Little Old Lady Land.

I bought a shit ton of movies from Blockbuster… and even remembered my eleven-digit membership number. That’s nuts, being that I haven’t worked there in like, two years. Watched Burn After Reading, and it got crap reviews. I liked it quite a bit. I also watched Tropic Thunder – it got really good reviews and it was crap, but in a ha ha funny kind of way. I then watched Wall-e and that was amazing. Lastly, I watched Charlie Bartlett and that was damned good, too. Myspace boy looked like Charlie Bartlett. Ha.

So. Yeah, I watched movies all day and sent my flyboy some homemade blueberry cinnamon muffins. He’s on CAP at flight school, if you remember, that’s the “special” program I was on because I sucked at flying. Hopefully he’ll get through this. I’m nervous… One more week.

Today I washed my car at some automated car wash and afterwards it was still filthy. Whenever I see a really dusty car, I scrawl “I wish my boyfriend was this dirty” on the back window with my finger.

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  1. Research and call local flight schools. It’s expensive to fly, though, about $6,000 minimum to get your private pilot’s license (PPL). Some larger cities have helicopter flight schools, too.

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