lilo & stitch

this weekend my sister has her army reserves in gainesville. that means i have 2 days of the room to myself. i am so excited i don’t know what to do with myself. i snapped out of it and worked today until three. the van’s air conditioning is fixed now so i don’t have to be somewhat miserable while driving this weekend. here’s me and my van in the mall parking lot. eat yer heart out.

i celebrated my weekend independence and privacy by hanging out with stephanie. i haven’t seen her since she and evan came to the cafe and ate desserts. they hit it off very well in driver’s ed, by the way. i called both of them yesterday to see if they wanted to go see a movie, but they were already at the movies together! ahh, damn them. but, FINALLY a couple to double date with. they’re few and very far between around here. i like both evan and stephanie loads, and so does matt, and i think the feeling is mutual for everyone. yes! success!

so i got dolled up and picked up steph and she was the most adorable thing ever! she had her hair in pigtails and was wearing a lace corset and a white kitty collar and i almost died. really. so we scooted along, two cute grrls off to see lilo and stitch for the second time. i drove to the mall movie theatre, and the whole parking lot was torn up. so after driving around for around 10 minutes, i finally found the entrance through all the mess. we parked in a handicap space, and the whole world decided to jump into the line ahead of us, right when we opened our car door. radar. when we returned to the van, the whole world was now away from the line and parked behind us, blocking us in. i backed up to make people nervous and honked a lot.

we snatched up some chick-fil-a and shoved it in our oversized gramma purses. of course the movie manager won’t notice barbeque sauce dripping from our cosmetic bags! not at all. the movie was more than grand. it was just SO entertaining and stitch is the paradigm of cute and cuddly… with big teeth and razor claws.

after the film, we saw john lopez. he was working at the popcorn stand. he can do the best stitch impression in the whole wide world! it was so enthralling. he said matt and palin and shannon had just walked out from the theatre from buying tickets to the new robert redford, tom hanks, and paul newman film. i really want to see that. oh well, some other time. so we went to b&n, then to her house and hung out. she asked me if i had any relationship advice. i thought for a second and replied that you shouldn’t consider doing anything you will regret. emotionally, physically. it complicates and adds things that you’re just not ready for yet. but on the other hand, it is a way to express love and caring for the person you love. i don’t think i said all that out loud, but that’s what i was thinking. it’s not everyday someone asks you seriously for your advice. it’s quite a good thing to think and try your best to answer!

come, let us end our night with this thought:

The threefold me: The wonders of the vagina. Let me count the ways.
it is neither hand, nor foot, nor any other part belonging to a man.

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