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oh man, on friday, the sheriff of brevard county, the deputy on duty at the school, the dean, and the principal came in to my web design class looking for me. yeah, i know what you’re thinking – yikes. but! they were congratulating me and all for a web page we did in class; and they liked mine. so they gave me a real fancy plaque and took my picture for the paper. i was so embarassed because around these sorts of people i’m really modest. i think my face turned bright red for the first time in my life. so it was an odd feeling of happiness and all. but, dominic was angry and pouty because he said it was a group project in which we worked together. that wasn’t the case; if you’d look at the page you would know that a boy had nothing to do with it.

i have to go to big, bad orlando all by myself tomorrow and i’m dreading it. i’m supposed to go see about the classes i’m taking this summer at UCF. being that i hate heavy traffic and get freaked out whilst in it, i’m having second thoughts about this whole damn thing. i don’t want to go by myself. i can just envision my poor pt cruiser all smashed up, with the chrome strips hanging off sadly.

poor pt

saturday i went to gainesville to say goodbye to my sister. it was military family day at her army base, so i attended. she’s supposably being deployed to afghanistan in a week or so, but now they say that her orders will be top secret until they are all ready to go. her army job is to make sure the troops in the middle east stay healthy. she checks to make sure everything is clean, from the food to the water, to the shower facilities. she tells people what needs to be cleaned up. she’ll also be handling cobras and scorpions… and roaches. neat!

there were newspaper reporters there at the g’bye ceremony, and even a tv camera woman. later that evening, that reporter was on the local channel’s news telling about the little get together. it was, i have to say, the worst report i have ever seen aired. the reporter stumbled through the WHOLE presentation, and it was only about 30 seconds long.

…but! the crazy anti-war protest rally was aired for about 3 minutes, first off. and you know what angered me most? saturday was “national women’s day”. what were these women aired on cameras talking about? equal rights? abortion issues? other health issues? NO. they were affiliating themselves with it and USING national women’s day to protest the ensuing war with iraq. THAT PISSES ME OFF. instead of sharing important issues, they were whining endlessly about peace in the middle east. you know what? i’m not anti-peace. i’m not pro-war, either. but the media coverage could have been a great tool to talk about women’s issues, and just looked awful to people that don’t realize that there are issues to be addressed.

…but! the protesting ladies failed to realize this. one of saddam’s “concubines” (love slaves) told the media that he gets aroused by watching videos of men, women, and children being tortured. he murders people (for fun). they fail to address the issues about saddam himself, and instead cling to ignorance. no one seems to fathom saddam is doing the same thing that hitler did, but to a different genre of people. the world waited too long to stop hitler.

now, putting political ranting aside, a tiger butterfly landed on me the other day after work. it was such a nice, warm day, too. i actually have to run my car’s airconditioner. it makes this weird rattling noise when i start it. i think it’s the cd player.

i got a new cd burner. radical! i’m making cd’s like crazy. i have something to live for now!

and! today i hung out with matty. we washed his two cars, and now i will show them off.

that’s his ’83 cadillac hearse. it has the original curtains in it and everything. even has casket rollers. it’s really classy inside.

and here is his ’70 chevelle. it’s such a nice car. i think i’ll go die now.

i like washing cars in the rain. i looked like a drowned rat. a drowned rat in chucks and a skirt.

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