LIFE Magazine, 1957

I received my January 28, 1957 edition of LIFE magazine in the mail! It features a trans-world flight of the B-52. When I move to North Dakota, I am going to decorate my office in a sleek, early 1960s style with my B-52 ads in frames, and some of the pages from this feature. Finding an edition of this particular LIFE magazine seems to be fairly simple. There were three on Ebay when I searched. I was interested in the photo of the offensive team (the bombardier & navigator) because back in those days, they had a window. It has since been replaced to become the cave that it is today (that I know and enjoy). The bombardier is also shown in one photo kickin’ back and napping, which is basically what they do every flight.

This weekend I’m taking leave to visit home in Cocoa Beach, Florida. My sister is having a baby shower, and I’ll also be seeing my beau, Larry. I only see my family once or so a year, and some of my relatives I haven’t seen since joining the military (two years ago). Since two years ago, I haven’t returned to the area. I wonder how much it has changed? While in San Antonio, I visited Corpus Christi a couple times. The beach pales in comparison to the beauty (& history) of Cocoa Beach. Corpus Christi doesn’t have “I Dream of Jeannie” and NASA. My uncle Fred might take me flying in his Cessna 182, but I’ll be pretty strapped for time.

Below are a few gems from the issue of LIFE. There was a hilarious Tampax ad, featuring two young ladies casually chatting about “their time”. I snagged a political pin from the Eisenhower campaign as well. I wonder if there will ever be another crusty old General to whip this country back into shape. Anyway, I’d vote for them. Especially if they were a five-star.

I have a simulator tomorrow & a flight Tuesday. My job will be to make sure the brand new co-pilots don’t crash the plane. Wish me luck.

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