Later, Minot

SOLD. So, I sold my house and the money’s in the bank! Larry, Otto, and I are living with a friend from work on the military base. Five minute work commute = more sleep.

KATZ. I am making good progress on bringing all my scattered blogs together here. It’s an extremely time-consuming process, and I’m pretty sure I left out quite a few for editing. Most of them are public, but a few have remained locked. If you’d like the passcode, I’ll give it to those who always had access to it – you know who you are! Also, I am publishing my poetry in with the blogs under the “poetry” tag. I’ve completed about 250 entries by hand… only 70 more to go. I’ll also be publishing my dream journal in with the entries under the “dreams” tag.

MEGA MECHANIC. The other day I changed the oil on a B-52 H model while teetering on the top of a really tall ladder. Then the pilot and I refueled that bitch. No big deal, right? Additionally, our base had a super big deal inspection… and we passed with flying colors. Odd that the news outlets claim to be “non-biased” and “fair and balanced”, but I haven’t heard a front page story about how much our base rocked our inspection. They only report the few occasions that people make mistakes or do a crap job. Thanks a lot, jerk news media. All of you. Way to support the troops. Anyway, here are two photos from it; the first is me finishing up my bomb bay inspection. The second is any aircrew who did exceptionally well at.. eh, pretty much everything that was important. I’m front and center there with my lightbulb hair. Rock.

BLAZIN’. Tomorrow I leave for my trip to Louisiana. And by trip, I mean move. My car is packed solid (as usual) as I will make my 1,600 mile trip in three days, with Otto dog as my co-pilot. He really makes a terrible navigator, though. Yesterday, in front of the whole squadron, my commander said a nice farewell, gave me a “Tundra Survival Certificate” (it’s the extreme weather you’ve seen for your time at Minot… 81 knot winds….) and a tail flash (a miniature B-52H tail with your squadron on it and your name and all that). I went to bolt off the stage, and he said “Well, aren’t you going to say anything?” In the words of the great Hellboy… “Aw, crap.”

So I blurted out this speech about how I love you all, Bro Namath, and I left my certificate for a week parking in the Commander’s parking spot to the mega awkward dude in the squadron that drives one of those advertisement-wrapped McDonald’s cars. So, hopefully he will use it wisely to embarrass leadership. And by wisely, I mean during a high visibility inspection. Highlarious. I’ll see you in my rear view tomorrow morning, Minot and North Dakota. & this is me vs. Larry in our packing styles:

… & see you all when I find a place to live in Shreveport! It’s no Beverly Hills, but Dallas is just two point five hours away for fun and adventure (and the culture, Duke, the culture!). Plus, we had our first snow here in Minot well over a week ago, with about an inch of accumulation. Gotta get out of town quickly!

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