late night shennanigans

hearing: gerbie gnawing | feeling: happy

the last few nights have certainly been full o’ adventure! except during the day yesterday, i sat around most of the time. thursday night i met up with my friend krysten, the girl that goes backstage at any show she goes to (with a pass) and has a hot dentist dad. she has quite a bit going for her, including a dvd player that pops up out of her stereo in her car, complete with satellite radio. *swoon*

so we decided at 9:45pm that we wanted hibatchi-style japanese food, and proceeded to call many orlando sushi restaurants. they all closed at 10pm. however! we found one joint that was open until 10:15pm! we leaped into her super fast eclipse and jetted a great distance in the matter of twelve minutes. 10:08pm. the sign reads…CLOSED. how insulting! so krysten called them on her cell phone and we begged the hostess who had a heavy accent. she kept saying NO in a very stern japanese voice, and hung up on us. defeated, we headed over to citywalk at universal studios. we ate dinner at margaritaville (but no margaritas) as well as dodging the $5 cover charge. they had a live band there, and you should have seen the middle-aged soccer moms and weirdies on that dance floor. margaritas + steve miller band = very bad.

last night, i headed out to citywalk yet again! i went for the bi-monthly rocky horror audience participation show. i brought four people with me, and brought them all a prop bag. aren’t i just the kind hostess! mmm, snack cake. magenta, eat yer transylvanian heart out. or lack thereof:

gerbie hates me. he runs away when i try to pet him. but tonight, i stuck my hand in his cage, and after gnawing on me a little, he stood on my hand for a little bit. that gerbil is so spoiled, he thinks he doesn’t even need to be nice to his mother! i think it’s that so-called “rock and roll” music. we all know it ruins impressionable young minds.

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