Last Night.

So, last night I hung out with this boy that comes into Blockbuster and talks to me all the time, you know, the one I was saying was super cute a few posts back? Well, I asked him to hang out. It was getting kind of ridiculous – he’d call the store and if I answered he’d ask some silly question about a movie, then magically show up a few minutes later. Haha, coincidence?

The thing is – he goes to church; a lot. So after he got back from his church function at 1am (calling me a million times to say he still wanted to hang out), I went over to his place, less than five minutes away. He lives where I wanted a studio apartment, in the historic section of Cocoa. I brought beer and Mission Impossible 3. However, we ended up watching “Jailhouse Rock” because he loves Elvis (and I hope he didn’t mind my witty ad-libbing throughout the film). He seemed suprised that I have Elvis CDs (thanks, Nerie! ♥) and have met the Lost Boys (but not Kiefer Sutherland!).

It all was very strange though; I had a couple beers and was feeling pretty good and he mumbled something about burning a CD (at his desk a few feet away) and sat on the far end of the couch occasionally, as far as you could get away from me it seemed. He then said he wasn’t drinking much because he claims he gets “frisky”… when I gave him a friendly hug goodbye, he acted like I had leprosy, or was just surprised or something. I just wanted to feel his back, sneaky sneaky.

It wasn’t me, cos’ I looked pretty good last night. Holla!

Everything else weird aside, let me just say, damn that boy is hot! He was wearing some really tight black long sleeved shirt that didn’t cover his hip bones and his boxers were hanging out of his pants a little… meow, HOT!

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