Ladies & Furnishings

This past weekend was a ladies’ night at the home of one of our flight instructors. There would be wine and cheese, but I had a brilliant idea to hit up a cocktail lounge downtown before the party. Four other aviatrices and myself put on our finest and arrived at the Horseshoe Casino: and much to our delight, drinks were on the house. Always a plus! I haven’t had the chance to chat much with these ladies, but they are extremely fun and sassy!

After a few drinks, we dropped in on the get together. Rachel danced her way into the living room where I was sitting and spilled a bunch of red wine on the floor, which splattered a little on the white couch arm. Party time! Cocktail napkins to the rescue…

Today Devin and I went exploring around different furniture centers in town. The last place we stopped was quite a goldmine: it had interior designers at the ready with endless options. I found a chair for the living room I absolutely love! Additionally, I found a chair that was just too fabulous to pass up; I’ll most likely purchase it for my bedroom. I haven’t decided what fabric to do the rounded bedroom chair in, yet. The hardest part is finding the furniture for a living room and deciding on the accent color. The fabric of the chair I selected is so Old Hollywood! Can’t get any more classic and relaxing than a pale teal-blue. They also had a gigantic selection of antique chandeliers. I think I shall sell a kidney for one. All that extra kidney does is lay around anyway, it might as well make itself useful and trade it in for something beautiful and worthy of a dimmer switch.

In the photos below, the left photo is the living room chair I ordered with the fabric selection to the right. I’m not purchasing the ottoman. The couch in the center is the one I found last week. The color is a tiny ivory damask stripe, which has a slight sheen to it for dimension. The chair on the right is my future bedroom chair, but haven’t found the right fabric as of yet.

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