KC-135 Incentive Ride

HIPSTERVISION. — So I watched the very first episode of Portlandia, and the very first scene was about a hipster couple in a restaurant asking about free-range chickens; asking about the location and acreage of the farm, if the chickens are free range, organic, fed no hormones or animal by-products, if they were ethically slaughtered, etc.

When Larry and I visited Portland, we dined at a local microbrewery. They had an elk burger on the menu, and because I don’t eat red meat due in part to terrible slaughterhouse regulations. I asked the waitress if the elk was local farm-raised, free range, organic, fed no hormones or animal by-products, & if it was ethically slaughtered…

Everyone in both Portland and Asheville is so “yeahhhhhh whatever, man… that art installation/poem/painting/tampon has so much energy, such aura, your soul/chakra/necklace crystal is so beautiful….” Gauged ears. Stupid facial hair including, but not limited to, too-long & too-wide sideburns. Phony causes. Bad tattoos. Dumpster divers. Angry bike riders. Perma-children. Special blend coffees. “Crust punx” with iPhones. Ironic anything & everything. Agendas. Just a few of the reasons why I left the art community to join THE MILITARY! HELL YEAH! GET SOME!

TANKER GIRL. — This morning I went on an aircraft incentive tanker ride on a KC-135. The tanker gives gas in-flight to a myriad of military aircraft, including other countries’ as well (of course, they don’t receive as much practice at it as we do). This particular tanker was produced in 1962, and our B-52’s are from 1960/1961. 1960’s Bros! The tanker refuels the receiver aircraft with a boom, and the person who directs the boom is called a boom operator. He lies down in the back on his tummy to look out a window at the aircraft below & uses a joystick to direct the boom, like I’m doing in this picture!

Just a few more weeks now until I’m heading home. A few meaning quite a few. But the end is in sight! Lastly, I’m dropping mines tomorrow, compliments of the Navy. Thanks guys!

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