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SPRING FORWARD? — Oh, the cabin fever! Larry’s so desperate for summer he is grilling out in 17°F, in short sleeves. I’ve been so desperate for physical activity of any sort that I have been hitting the gym everyday, and some days it hits back. I’m trying to get ready for my next physical fitness test, on 27 March. Larry is obviously practicing for bachelorism when I deploy over the summer. And with the Daylight Savings Time, there is more time to grill before it gets dark. It’s a winning situation for all involved, really.

Additionally, Minot received a foot of snow last weekend, and we actually had a fabled “Snow Day” on Monday. Living in Florida was awesome because we’d get “Hurricane Days” regularly where you didn’t have to go to work (unless it was Blockbuster — I drove there during a hurricane once to visit a friend. I wondered why the roads were so empty…). I never realized how much “planning” (or non-plans) go into a day off. So I sat on my duff and played Skyrim. All day. Except when I made black bean and tofu burritos for dinner. Who says vegetarian/gluten-free has to be unappetizing? Not me. I sauteed green and red peppers, red onion, black beans, almond cheese, and honey Greek yogurt.

RAIMI RADIENCE. — On Saturday, I went to see Oz the Great and Powerful. Nice visuals, although I was disappointed that the witches didn’t wear striped tights or ruby slippers. In fact, they didn’t seem to wear much of anything at all. I did notice a lot of Sam Raimi influence, from the Dark Forest (reference the “rape trees” from Evil Dead) to the witches flying around by magic (Army of Darkness), or how the hottie Mila turned into a hideous witch after Ash, arm, Oz, breaks her heart (again, Army of Darkness). Additionally, when the Witch of the East gets pwnd, her makeup looks super similar to the S-Mart deadite at the very end of Army of Darkness. And of course, Bruce Campbell’s comical cameo as an Emerald City guard.

I think Mila’s makeup might have looked less weird if they would have shaded her eyebrows differently. I think that would have made a huge difference — it looks super phony. She looked like The Mask.

BEGGIN’ STRIPS. — I have an absurd dachshund that loves the following snacks:

red peppers
yellow peppers
green peppers
almond cheese
… what a little weirdo.

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