lawl, virtual makeover!!!!

“I’m a reporter for FOX News and I have to look like a Barbie to get any press time!!!”

“I work for a graphic design firm. Even though I’ve gone corporate, I still get to show my ‘edgy’ side!”

“Why, yes I am in art school!”

“Mmmph, Sheila!”

“Like omg, my dad just bought me a new Mercedes! I spilled Starbucks in my old one…!”

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  1. hahahahaaaa naked! woop woop..if i recall correctly werent a few someones poking at their package to make it appear bigger? haha..good times

  2. I work at gameStop now, and can no longer have my blue hair or facial piercings, but I still do all I can to look the way I used to. So, of couurse I laughed my ass off about the “graphic design firm” photo.
    It’s like you had a stroke… Of GENIUS!

    • yea, i worked for ebx (theyre all the same now) and i would always go in with my lip ring. i figured out which manager cared and which didnt. i think its pathetic that they make you take that stuff out. id understand if it was a kid store but games stores usually have a more mature customer.

      • The boyfriend works at Hot Topic… And he picks on me as I trudge off to work in my Doc Martens and polo shirts.

        Maybe, for your amusement, I’ll post work pics!
        Is it OK if I steal your icon? he was my favorite character in the Producers…

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