Interesting Observations.

It seems the “War On Pr0n” has really come to the forefront this month more than any other I’ve ever seen. In two days of casual magazine reading, I have read three major cover articles in three prominent mainstream magazine publications this month alone about the subject. As much as I am holding back, all I can say is, CENTER

“I told you so.”

Cosmopolitan Magazine – Finally! Something useful for women from this trashy mag! There is an excellent, I mean excellent, article about the harmful effects of pornography in relationships [The Sex Habit That Harms Relationships, February 2006]. In 2005, there were 2.1 million porn web sites, an increase of about b2,800%/b since 1998. “‘While some porn viewing can be healthy in a relationship (ie, in moderation), watching compulsively destroys trust and intimacy and ruins sex,’ says Jennifer Schneider, MD, PhD, coauthor of Cybersex Exposed. ‘It can actally rewire the brain’s neural pathways, so things that used to stimulate him might not do the trick anymore.’ In other words, he’s desensitized to less over-the-top action. ‘Men may not find their partner as attractive anymore, since she doesn’t measure up to the double-D girls onscreen.'” And as if these scientific facts aren’t enough to arouse disgust in yer gut, check out the closing: “Another reason why porn is so pervasive: You can download it on handheld devices like iPods and cellphones, so it’s basically available anytime, anywhere.” I am very afraid for our society’s future; you should be too because it WILL affect you in some way, I absolutely guarantee it.

BUST Magazine, “Hanging Themselves” Feb/Mar 2006 (p 76) – I have been an avid reader of BUST for years, but they finally ran an article on the horrors that have been uncovered behind-the-scenes at Suicide Girls. Something like 30 models left in September of 2005 and many more in the months after. These girls were claiming unfair practices and an overall low morale to the site. Turns out that everyone realized this was just plain porn with an “alternative twist” and did little to promote feminism or the idea of porn with equality. There are some really scary quotes like: “Were we told we suck? Yes. Did we suck? Yes.” and “Looking back, I realize I look so stupid.” Anyway, the article is a really great read and takes a refreshing true feminist stance. I suggest you find a copy on your news stands or Ebay.

Lucky Magazine, Feb 2006> – This article is basically the exact one that BUST ran; I don’t know who got the interview or the idea first. This one is longer and features more girls’ interviews, but BUST‘s featured a more feminist perspective. There are more photographs in this one, and also contains the shocking quotes from SG’s president and owner about HIS models being “stupid” and sucking at everything. Also, it tells the tale of SGs being “archived” as a way to fire the models and keep using their photos.

I’ve been sounding the caution alarm about Suicide Girls since I learned about the site in 2002. I was labelled as anti-progressive and even called a conservative, but I somehow knew there was something off about Suicide Girls, what with their cleverly written contracts to ensnare young, naive women into posing nude online to make SG Services a pretty penny. I just resent the fact they have a tendency to prey on the ones that don’t know any better, the ones that don’t fathom what they are getting into.

As far as SG goes, well I’ve been propositioned twice to model for SG; once from a representative in a bar (a promoter in my area) and once in response to a photo set I had posted in an online blog. In my opinion, I don’t think a web site could really be “feminist” until all the money goes into the model’s pockets, or for a good, progressive cause (but if you want to get techincal, it’s still taxed, so theoretically your body is putting money into the pockets of yet olde Unca’ Sam). Do you think we’ll ever see a truly non-oppressive, progressive hetero porn site, especially for alternative women? Maybe someone will learn from SG’s awful mistakes. But for now, I’m not going to hold my breath.

And now, here are some photos from my amigoette Starr’s 21st birthday bash:

I don’t remember posing for any photos…

Starr doing a jig and pulling a total Ashlee Simpson.

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  1. I was approached via email to be a Suicide Girl years ago. All I could tell them was no thank you. Now seeing their “burlesque” (Goth Girls Gone Wild) and their empire starting to falter, I’m glad I never associated myself with that tat.


  2. One of my friends was on Suicide Girls and had less-than-great things to say about the owner, who is apparently a grown up Young Republican type. She was kicked off the site for unintentionally causing some kind of Nazi-related stir, which delights me to no end.

    I just resent the fact they have a tendency to prey on the ones that don’t know any better, the ones that don’t fathom what they are getting into.

    Porn empires are porn empires…

  3. so, i was talking about this the other day with a friend. i would love love love to start a site with the ideals suicide girls started with, but you know, stick to them. i think that some “alternative” porn could be much more artistic and beautiful. (for example, the photos i took of my friend bri, you can see her boobs, but it’s not raunchy and gross) i think it could be done, but i don’t know, i’d love to give it a shot.

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