hearing: gwar – bad bad men | mood: ouchies.

celebrate! i completed the storyboard for my silent film. i also found a setting for us. the next step is to start thinking of a “script”… y’know, those captions that come up on the screen every few seconds. that will be the hard part. “put some life into it girls, and don’t worry about bustin’ anything!”

billie invited me over for saturday. i brought a couple o’ films ca. 1927 for our enjoyment. while we danced around to skeezy new orleans jazz, we were invited to some party full of people we didn’t know. we were going to go and pretend we were a couple to keep the nasties away. but however, we declined anyways on the grounds that nick, billie’s boyfriend, dropped in to hang out. we dressed him up as his alter-ego “nikki”, and headed out to steak n’ shake. his shirt said “so many boys, so little time.” he carried a misfits lunchbox and wore glitter on his face.

after that silliness, we pranced around wal-mart for some nice cosmetics. i have a new bottle of red nailpolish, and billie has new lipstick. nick’s shoes were stompy and loud. i made the car listen to gwar on the way home, just because i said so. twelve thirty am.

i ended up seeing jay online, and matt was hanging out with him and chris and some other people. they were going to head out to a billiards bar to play some pool. since i didn’t want to be rude, i let billie and nick have some cuddle time as i jumped in the car yet again to this somewhat trashy bar.

the bar was “21+ after nine” but that was a crock. i sucked it in and followed matty in the door. it was a big place, full of maroon coloured pool tables. very smokey though. i kicked some ass in foozeball… or was it the other way around?? my word! the photos didn’t turn out too blurry this round.

some guy walked up to me and matt, handed me a business card, and informed us he was the events coordinator for he said they would like me to join and model for them. he said as soon as he saw me he thought that, and it’s “very exclusive”. the last thing i want to do is defile myself on that site! i could do better anyhow. do i just look like a dumb clone with heavy eyeliner? not cute. but i really enjoyed the laid back setting and it was the most fun i’ve had in a year.

everyone was so nice, and i didn’t have anywhere i needed to be. jay was talkative, and it was nice to help him out with some advice, if i did. i got home around four, and got about five hours of sleep. i am such a sleep fiend. i need about 8 to not be grouchy and kill everyone. this is insomniac, with dave attell.

today i went to the art museum in orlando. they had “300 years of american art”, everything ranging from 1719 being their oldest painting, up until 1997, i think. they had four andy warhol orginal paintings. i was kind of jazzed. kind of. and then there was this neat art piece with strips of fabric; i liked that, too.

was going to take more pictures, but a security guard yelled at me. that’s crappy.

in other news…

slavetopanties: so what is your a/s?
Poseur1039: 68/m
slavetopanties: why wont you tell me the truth?
Poseur1039: why does it matter so much. every idiot ASL’s me 3243 times a day. i want someone intriguing and exciting.
slavetopanties: i just want to know who i am talking to
Poseur1039: cut the crap and say something like “i’m a 56 year old pervert who likes children and necrophilia” and that’s a helluvalot more interesting than ASL.
slavetopanties: sorry to bother you. bye.

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