I’m Still Alive.

This week I sent a letter to Sun Trust to close my bank account that I don’t use… and the same week fraudulent charges showed in my account. Try to close it. Stolen money. Now I can’t for another week so these hos can steal more money. Annoying.

Speaking of annoying hos, my homepage is set to cnn.com. This morning, the slimfast porno chick was on the front page… so, this is what I think of the whole thing:

I haven’t been around lately because I started my navigator training. Tonight I have to get water egress training over at Lackland AFB and Tuesday I have to learn how to deal with hypoxia and sudden pressure changes. During our beginning briefings, Larry and I of course were being complete professionals.

Tomorrow we are going to Austin, and I was hoping to go bake in the sun the rest of the weekend; alas, it’s suddenly 40F and rainy here. For my navigator class, I snagged the job of “patch officer” and have been tasked to design a patch for our flight suits. I got the power! Plus, it sure beats academics officer, or publications (organizing everyone’s books) officer. Larry got photographer ftw.

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