I secretly love Venga Boys. (Do people read the subject?)

Dude wtf, I look like an anime character in this photo.

This is what I look like when I’m yelling at someone. Honestly. Take me seriously, guys!

I am thoroughly outraged in this photo because my mother woke me up at the asscrack of dawn for Sunday services. I went to bed at 3am & my wake up call was around 8:45am. Not a happy camper. Long story short, I got my tired ass all ready to go and I looked out the window as the car rolled away. Whatever! We all know I’m better at organizing my Def Leppard collection (ie, worshipping Gods of War) than attending religious services.

Ah, quit actin’ like you’re nuts…

In more interesting news, I have crap up for auction because of my rock n’ roll spending habits as of late (record buying). So, go buy it & bail me out. These clothes are actually really hot. If you want to skip the Ebay fiasco & just buy it directly from me, I can do that too… just name a price.

… & if you haven’t already, you should check out my new portfolio site. I’m goshdurn proud. It’s like a backup if this whole Air Force Pilot/Navigator thing doesn’t pan out in the next few weeks. Well, that and it’ll be a way to cope with my devastatingly crushing grief over non-acceptance to the military. No worries, mate!

Does anyone else laugh out loud when their playlist goes from Op Ivy to “Pedestal” by Fergie? This… uh, does happen to you people, right?

Going to see (the) Misfit(s) tomorrow night. Less than two weeks until I get a visit from this dude:

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