hunting season

ahh it’s that time again. that lovely time of fun, happiness, and telling people to stop stalking my journal. i know it’s so delightfully interesting and painfully witty, but we have to break away sometimes. really, these are my personal thoughts. they are my personal doings. if you have a comment, tell me. i’d love to hear. if you have a problem with something i said, talk to me about it. it’s the paradigm of simplicity. so hey, just lemme know.

yeah so i’m searching for a college to attend. my parents are pushing the university of florida. i’m pushing art school. they want close to home. i want glamourous new england. i don’t think this is going to be an easy decision. i’m actually sort of miffed at my high school. they’re supposed to ask you what you’re interested in, and then contact at least one or two colleges to send you information. i’ve received flimsy little glossy cards. i want meat n’ potatoes! so awaken, dear universities, and send send send! all i have looked at and actually liked are universities in new york and boston. if anyone lives up there, please tell me what it’s like to live up there. are the schools very good? i would appreciate any help!

i want to go see a movie, or watch one at my house. where are all my friends? pleh.

savannah quit the band. she said i was too bossy and didn’t call her enough for practice. stephanie said that if it wasn’t for me, nothing would get done at practices. i guess i keep things moving. she wanted her two songs back, but i told her one of them we wrote together, and the other song was just a guitar riff germ had written and the frumps had made it a song. a riff is not a song, drums, guitar and bass make it a song. so she’s angry and such about everything, and mad that i only called her once for practice and left a message only once. how many times am i supposed to call? and how come i didn’t get a call back? bleh, some people.

my senior pictures are rescheduled for august sixth. that means i have to drive to melbourne to get them done. matty said he’d be happy to come along. that means no more ugly red hair pictures with the left side doing the flippy-outty thing. and of course that means i can dye my hair back before school starts!

me with weird anime blue-ish light from my pc monitor. oh so classy and charming, isn’t it?

i found the most wonderful pair of black boots for my homecoming outfit. homecoming? yes, i’m that bored, and yes, i’m yearning for social and fashionable display. i have an awesome dress and awesome accessories and matty says he’ll go themed with me! we were talking earlier about it, and since our high school dances are shitty and have no themes, we just dress in theme and match each other. 10th grade homecoming we were rude boy and rude girl, 11th grade we were swing kiddies, and 12th grade? well, you’ll just have to wait! 😉

i noticed today that i didn’t make it to wet n’ wild waterpark this year. i really wanted to go, but no one else wanted to. phooey, that’s one of the things i wanted to do this summer.

my vintage medical corset came in the mail yesterday. it’s red and pink and mesh and has straps on the sides. damn you people with flat chests. next step – minimizer.

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