i went bowling the other night again. with jesse and some of his friends. one of them thought i was “cute”. (score one for the home team!) i broke a new record for myself, with a whopping score of an even 100. yuck. but i am improving, and that’s what counts. even if i look like a flamingo when i bowl, with one leg stuck out to the side. hey, whatever improves the score!

so i had my first three days of class at ucf. the bus that takes me there drops me about fifteen minutes away from where my classes are located, so it takes quite a hike in very humid weather. art history class is a big review of my humanities class i took at the community college, so that will be a breeze. my english class requires four written papers, and that’s all. not too difficile either. besides hurrying to the bus, i think this summer will be a-okay. oh, and i missed my first class this morning due to oversleeping. how very spectacular of me.

tonight, i watched terminator 2 with the boy, and he took me to dinner after. he has to make sure i’m eating well! i guess i just forget most of the time, or are far too lazy to go make something. or i’m watching the osbournes.

ladies and gents, i now give you one helluva guy. aggravating and charming, a total cad. infuriating, smart, and generous. a great actor, both on and off the screen. rich, famous, devastatingly handsome.

but let’s not forget vincent, either.

“good sex is like good bridge. if you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.” — mae west

…he might have been a lot of things, but remember, he was not necessarily happy.

but let’s not forget vincent, either.

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