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five days since my last update, but i wanted to get my homecoming pictures developed and scanned before i wrote about the happenings. if i didn’t talk about that, then it’d just be my boring and silly life.

yes, so i was so busy on saturday. the day of the dance, that is. i had so many things happening that they were, in fact, overlapping. i had play rehearsals from 10-12. i had to work 11-3 (explain that one), and i had to get my hair done at 3.30pm.

i managed to do all of that, and ran home after work to shower. i went to the hair place with no makeup (which looked awfully silly – i had no eyebrows). the lady doing my hair, sonia, was about 21 and very nice and pretty and all. she was so nervous because she knew i wanted a sort of western hair style, but didn’t have any pictures. she attempted blockbuster to find movies to watch, but came up with nothing because the video stores around here carry nothing. i drew a picture of what i had in mind, and she set to work. it ended up being a traditional saloon sort of style in the front, but with an updated and funky look in the back. let’s just say there were a lot of curls. in fact, i didn’t really get to look at the back that much because i was so busy.

i sprinted home and put on some makeup and my dress, shawl, gloves, earrings, necklace, trashy thigh-hi fishnets and garter belt, victorian boots, and lastly, stuck the feather in my hair. matty arrived on time, but i was the one that was running late. did i have good reason, don’t y’think? anyone having that many accessories would, naturally. so my dad took pictures of us, and matty even got me a corsage. it matched my dress perfectly: three small, pink rose buds with a black lace bow. it was so pretty.

we picked up stephanie and evan, and went to our reservations at ashley’s restaurant. ashley’s is right next to the railroad tracks, and is rumored to be very haunted. the woman ghost hangs out in the ladies’ restroom and on the stairs.

after that, we headed to the dance. no one we knew was there yet, so we got our pictures taken by… everybody, and the photographers. everyone was going on and on about how cool matty and i looked (mostly matty though). snap! snap! photographs.

i saw katty and chris, eventually. katty was wearing my yellow flapper dress, back seam thigh-his, and t strap shoes. flapper!

i wanted to get a picture with the security guards. they were the only cool ones at the time.

the dance itself left much to be desired; the music anyways. they did play one swing song, and matty and i cut a rug like mad. we requested some later, but they didn’t play any more. i told our school administrator that i will be having words with him about the music selection at prom.

tell me this, what the hell is the point of spending sooo much money on a dress, shoes, and accessories, paying to get your nails done and even more for your hair to look nice, and going out to a nice dinner if you are going to show up at the dance and act classless and disgusting? oh, sure, dancing to rap can be fun, but not the whole time. rubbing your butt on someone’s crotch isn’t my idea of a fun time. they need to play lots of different kinds of music. they’re discriminating against certain groups of people by playing only one type. sure, they can spare 10 minutes out of the 240 of the dance to appease me. isn’t swing made for dancing? anyone can dance to it and have fun doing it. the same goes for latin music. you can’t dance to avril lavigne and vanilla ice.

anyways, it was fun to see everyone dressed up and to go to a nice dinner and spend time together. dances? well. *shrug*

my parents left sunday night, and me and matty watched amelie. it was a very odd movie, but i liked how off-center and different it was. it got inside the heads of the people and found what made them different from others; interests and all. very cute. quinze.

if i wrote the rest of my week so far, it would bore me silly. i want to watch “from hell”.

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