Home Sweet Potential Home

First, let’s remember those who had to give up their lives because of the tragic attacks on our country nine years ago today. I do what I do because we need bright people to deny those monsters the opportunity to strike America ever again.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of non-stop action. My flight last Thursday was cancelled due to maintenance issues, after working really hard for days to plan the mission. The only upside was that I was able to begin my drive to Dallas earlier. I caught a flight the next morning at six, flew into Minot at eleven, and toured houses until four. Talk about a long day! Unfortunately, two of the three favorite homes I posted sold the day before I arrived. That left about three homes that I liked total, all issues with them aside.

That evening, I picked Larry up from the airport, and Saturday we looked at a few more prospects. We settled on the black and white home with the flag pole in the front yard. It was built in 1914. The home has carpeting and small bedrooms, but nothing I can’t tackle myself with my handylady skills. Ripping up carpeting to reveal hardwood is going to be like unwrapping a present on Christmas! I already have plans to knock down a wall and make one of the upstairs bedrooms a large master bathroom. And interestingly enough, the furnace pre-dates 1954! I put an offer in, and the sellers accepted. Now I am waiting for the home inspection…

The town of Minot itself is adorable; Chock full of art deco goodness. It has a very small town feel, and my potential home is very close to the downtown area. That area has many small shops and bakeries, and even a gourmet cooking supply store! Larry and I stopped into a bagel shop that had amazing coffee, a quiet atmosphere, and books for sale. It was quite enjoyable, and the weather was cool and beautiful most of the time. But… hello -30°F winters! One must have a hard time being fashionable in such weather. I saw an old man wearing a baseball cap that said “Minot, ND. Only Winners Stay.”

Coming back into town (what a drag!), this past week has been very busy at work again. Next week proves to be a copy. This weekend, however, has been full of little home projects. I do projects to relax, like creating floral arrangements for empty vases, fixing broken mirrors, selling a few things online, and even managed a very nice piano practice this morning. Sometimes your brain is right in tune with your ivory ticklers. Tomorrow I am going to work on a painting and drink coffee all day.

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