ho hum.

hearing: ocean’s 11 | happy

you know, i haven’t updated anything worth a penny lately. i owe it to my sudden slump in creativity and lack of a digital camera. i mailed out some moolah for a new one, so have no fear. there will be better pictures, more pictures, and higher quality pictures. 2.1 megapixels of good clean fun. well, good fun anyways.

i hadn’t heard anything from the boy neil that took me out that one evening. i speculate that i was a bit too young for his style. however! tonight i had a great time with someone new! his name is jesse, and he invited me to go bowling with some of his pals. they were easy to talk to, and were interesting. my high score was a shameful 67. the other gal and her guy were expert bowlers; they’re on the bowling team and all. they were bowling 260+. i felt inadequate. but! it was a fun time. those bowling shoes make great dance shoes; and i did a bit of the charleston after i made a strike! i hope to see more of them.

big bad voo doo daddy show this friday, and my birthday is saturday. what will you get me? 🙂

another week i’ll have my camera. then i’ll have creative, interesting updates again. so sorry for the trash i’ve been writing lately.

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