Historic Home

Today I received some paperwork in the mail from the bank up in Minot. Enclosed were the details of every transaction my lot and home have been through since the large plot of land was allocated to develop the city of Minot in 1887. It has all the owner’s names, including one entry in 1920 with “… a widow” after her name. The 150+ acreage was first purchased for $150.00. Oh how far our dollar has fallen in value since.

My last flight as a student was yesterday, and ironically enough, we were plagued by maintenance problems. Throughout this program (twenty flights), we have cancelled three times and quite a few had maintenance issues. However, my crew had the most of everybody. I guess we have a penchant for breaking stuff in the jet! Anyway, we decided to take a few photos to commemorate the occasion. You’re only a student ten months, but you fly operationally for years.

That illuminated yellow light behind me means that the bomb doors are open… & unfortunately, the television does not get HBO.

Larry is flying down on Thursday to help me move. Just one week! I haven’t seen him in over a month. Hopefully my cold weather parka arrives soon; the high is expected to be three degrees in North Dakota this week. It’s still fall!

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