Hippies and comedians.

So this past weekend I checked out the “raw foods organic eatery” in Merritt Island. Overpriced, yes, but also delicious and different. Flax bread is fantastic! Still, the fatties at the table next to me were talking really loudly about new age nutrition. That started getting to me after a while. And what do organic food hippies have against water with ice in it?

Today at lunch, this cute guy that looks like this dude that works at the mall cell phone accessories kiosk came up to me in the lunch line and struck up conversation. He had previously, a couple months ago, asked about the cost of my #1 combo. Today he gushed about my haircut and how “most girls don’t get their hair cut like that” and blah blah. The boy that asked me out at said lunch place a month ago interrupted Justin Long and asked about my military commitment. Please, fellas, one at a time… to quote Billy Bob Thornton: “I’m on my fuckin’ lunch break!

The other day I met an older lady who wanted some shexy high heels, and was shopping with her husband. I thought they were totally BA so I did my best shoe service possible. I even spent about 45 minutes with them and even called six stores to get what they wanted. Good thing I did; her husband is a retired three-star general of the Army. Holy crapz.

Friday morning, Sara-the-future-F16-pilot and I are going to cloud up the balloon launch for the current Space Florida Academy group. Seniority, bitches. We’re also going to rub elbows with some Patrick Air Force Base peepz and get the inside scoop on … well, whatever it is we need insider info on. Stay tuned.

Ok. Kind of want to be in the Air Force now and training or something. Not selling shoes… That would be grreeeat. Kthx.

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