He’s Singing Again.

… & there go the pants.

This weekend, Larry and I are going to Austin for the opera. I’m all packed and ready to go. About my dress, well, it came in the mail finally. It fit in the hips and waist but there was no way I could shove my boobs into the top. I couldn’t breathe! Extremely disappointed and crushed (including my chest), we went back to the mall to see if there were any gowns worthy of the occasion. I went to Neiman Marcus, told them my budget, and they helped me find a beautiful dress. I can still wear the same shoes and accessories, too. To help cheer me up, Larry bought me a beautiful Art Deco-ish diamond ring (no, not an engagement ring, a gift)…

Tomorrow is “Command Day” at work, where they torture the navigator students by making us sit through five hours of briefings about potential aircraft you can pick for your career. I already picked. As soon as that schlock is done, I can blaze to Austin. The only thing is that there will be a B-52 on display you can go in and look around. I figure I’ll get to look a LOT in a few months. Haha.

Last weekend, Larry and I went to “Wurstfest, a 10-day salute to sausage” in New Braunfels, TX. Everyone kept asking me where things were located because I was dressed up. There were live polka bands and we danced our lederhosen-y asses off. Larry’s a very patient dancer with me; I had quite a bit of the Paulaner on draft and tend to get quite silly and uncoordinated.

I think I’m turning into a cat. I can constantly hear really high pitched sounds, and when they cut off it is a huge relief. Weird.

About that Army officer shooting all those people… I’ve been watching all the coverage and it’s so terrible. These people were getting their gear assigned to go kick some terrorist ass. Here comes this cowardly soldier, who is supposed to be an example, a leader, to take their lives away from them. I think there’s a serious lack of discipline in the military these days. This particular major was medical (psychologist), meaning he completes two weeks of boot camp before he is given his commission. Now, I understand they don’t hold medical and legal officers to the same disciplinary standards as say, infantry, or even pilots… but perhaps it’s too laid back and not enough emphasis is given to develop a fighting force with a superior sense of honor and personal responsibility.

I’ve heard some people say not enough psychological services are offered. There is a 24-hour anonymous helpline and you can see a doctor anytime you want. I personally think if you think you develop bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or have suicidal thoughts, the military cannot use you as a resource and you should be discharged. If you develop this as a result of PTSD, then you should be entitled to counseling via VA. Let’s face it: entrusting a person with our national safety is a huge responsibility and perhaps more people should self-elect to leave the military and Uncle Sam should be pickier.

I want a strong leader to step up. I am very anxious about our future as a secure, free nation that the rest of the world takes seriously.

But in other news, Larry moves to San Angelo (2 hours away) on Monday to start Officer Intelligence school, and I am getting wings in a month!

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  1. ha! we have almost the same haircut, i cut my bangs last week!
    i will take pix son, i have been lazy. well, i did post one pic after i just cut it but no-one noticed i had bangs again, LOL!

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