Healthy Body, Sick Mind.

So I had my flight physical at Patrick AFB on Monday. I got up at 5:30am and headed over there, after fasting since 7:30pm previously. I was starving! Do not get between me and my meals! Anyway, they took around seven vials of blood (the nurse was obviously a vampire) and poked and prodded me for seven hours. The guy that took my height and weight tried to put me down as 5’7″ until I corrected him. No way… I’m 5’9″. We compromised at 5’8″. Bullshit.

Anyway, I passed, but they will find any excuse to do otherwise. In my right ear, at the 6000mhz level I have a fraction of hearing loss (basically attributed to Green Day Warped Tour in 2000 and Demented Are Go! in 2005). The crazy Russian flight surgeon in charge of passing or failing me asked me why I had hearing loss, like I had some answer. Whatever! It’s good enough! Then he tried to say it was a problem that my heart tilts a little bit to the right and a slight arrhythmia (so that’s why I fail at love!). Everything was fine, down to my root canal in one of my teeth.

Too hectic, too hectic…
So.. that’s done done. We’re looking at a June OTS ship date. Good news, people!

My sister’s Speak Math graduation present came in the mail yesterday. Badass.

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  1. Somehow, the fact that you’re tall makes you even more attractive.
    (And I would have lost my shit if they would’ve taken that much blood from me. Needles? notsomuch.)

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