haunted forest

wow, i am so very tired. this weekend was the haunted forest at rotary park. yanno, the nature trail with the scary scenes on either sides. josh and matt were in charge of the whole thing, and i got to help. friday, everyone skipped school to go to the park to set up, and i skipped fifth period. i had to go pick up some last minute costumes and items, then go to the dentist. i have to get a root canal. a root canal at age seventeen. at this rate, i’ll be needing a face lift at twenty two. bah.

when i arrived at rotary, none of the scenes were really set up. some of the helpers were hanging lights, fences, etc. i brought the dropcloths and extension cords. the scene i was in me and brian planned. it was a mad doctor’s lab; brian was the mad doctor, and i was the nurse. we hacked up this guy and threw his leg at a cage of mutants… and they busted out of the cage; i scream and faint, and they chase the crowd. all this with 1920’s music playing in the background. oh, matt did our makeup, and it turned out wonderful.

josh, who was supposed to be in charge of the whole thing, left friday night because things weren’t going his way. saturday he got really pissed because “no one was setting up his scene”. that’s a load of ass, me and brian got our scene set up because WE set it up, and got others to help. josh expected it all to be done for him, i guess. he was screaming at matt and said his scene was more important than matt’s “stupid fucking girlfriend’s”. i told josh sarcastically that he was very mature, and matt agreed with me. josh helped build the scenes, which was very generous, but he was very selfish also. i think he’s very self-centered and immature. cry me a river.

even though ours was the scariest and most unique, we got second place. our patient (the one we were cutting up) got mvp… which means he got $50. he spent it on beer with josh. argh.

sunday i called matty and asked if he needed help cleaning up rotary. he did, so i headed out. we were the only ones there cleaning for two hours. you can tell who the responsible ones are. but whatever, we got a few free strobes and extension cords.

on a happier note, after cleaning, we picked out a pumpkin (or two!) and went to his house to carve them. i picked a huge 35 pound one, and he picked a little 9 or 10 pounder. i carved a woman pumpkin (i’ll post pictures on halloween) with eyelashes and matty carved a silly off centered grin. it’s the strangest looking pumpkin ever. but it’s pretty! and i do realize how special matty really is. even if he does carve funny looking grins in pumpkins.

i am so tired and sore from the haunted woods, but you know, you can really tell who a person is when they’re put in high stress situations. halloween is just a couple days away – i’m thinking of getting cheap kiddie princess jewelry, curling my hair and wearing a poufy skirt and going as a princess. i want to go see that movie “ghost ship”, also. what are you going as?

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