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hearing: bass thumping & parties | thinking: woo! internet!

yes, a belated update on the grounds that the internet service provider here at my apartment complex was attacked by the “sobig worm”. it shut the internet down here for a week and a half! the horror! no one could sign up for classes, drop classes, anything like that. and no email and webpage updates for you all! it was tougher to make plans with my pals, but i got along okay. i even got a surprise visit from my favorite man. so in my boredom, i did a photo shoot. sort of.

what a little moonlight can do.

tonight i was itchin’ to be fancy, so i dressed up. jesse and i went to bennigan’s for dinner. the walls were lined with a trombone, banjo, mandolin, and even an accordion! it made me very excited. but the accordion had holes in it, so it wouldn’t play i’m sure. just a lot of hot air. also, there was sheet music, and photos of various orchestras from the twenties. i couldn’t help but stare. after that, jesse drove me to the theater to see if there was a convenient time to go see freddy vs. jason. and with my luck, there wasn’t. he called forrest (my new pal) to see if i could get my brownie tin i left a few days earlier at his party. he responded with, “oh, shit. err.. okay”. the mystery was he had made rice krispies treats in my brownie pan! oh the horror! the shame! it smells like marshmallow now.

jesse’s moving in with forrest this fall, so i can get my visits in two for one.

i hope winter comes soon, i am just itching to pull out the winter wear. since winter is only on certain days here in florida, you’ll just have to keep your fingers crossed! strutting around campus in a black peacoat…

tune into my radio show and let’s party like it’s 1929.

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