happy tax day

who didn’t have to pay taxes? can i get a hell ya? who is the punkest of them all, not having to pay any of my CASH to the dirty, vile, corrupt and oppressive government?? ha ha! take that!

today was great…i wore my new shirt to school, not many people noticed, but i loved it. matty cut his hair, and it looks…well, er … i dunno. no comment for now, except it looks like a big, orange, hairy tarantula landed on his head for a ride. if you saw it, you’d know. but that’s just me. i think he’s sad he shaved the back of his mohawk off, it was looking good.

after school, kim runs up to me, almost panting, and says “where are jill’s stilettos? she really needs her stilettos!” and i’m like, “uh, what stilettos?” kim says jill’s scared of me. hmph. good.

after school, i went to target, and got some socks, a shexy black lace tank top, and a new black and white gingham dress. it inspired me to have a nice girly time. i got new shampoo (the kind matty likes), then plucked my brows, trimmed my bangs, and also lotion. i feel like miss goddess, and i love it!

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