Happy November!

This past weekend was filled with spooky fun and festivities! Friday evening, I went out with Frank, Erica, Kevin, and some other friends from work. I enjoy their company so much, in fact. I really appreciate that we hardly talk about work. The problem (or perk, depending on how you look at it) with flyers is because we have little time to do anything else, we tend to fall into a comfortable discussion of the wild blue yonder every time we get together, both inside and out of work. C’mon guys, you’re killing me! I was an art major! So needless to say, I so love the company of people who discuss life, travel and other hobbies in their free time!

Erica is hosting her annual “Fall Feast”, which is a five-course gourmet meal showcasing her talent for all things culinary. Kevin talked about a lady friend of his and her sexy panda Halloween costume for the next evening. The topic of discussion at the evening table was also to include sexy panda‘s extremely small pores on her legs. Supposedly it’s a point of pride for this lady! Everybody has something.

Anyway, for the fashion aspect, I wore a big ol’ beehive with a ribbon. My dress is Heartbreaker Clothing’s Superspy Dress, with some white kidskin gloves. The coat is Ralph Lauren and is pretty much the warmest!

Kris is doing so well here in Minot. After moving from Cambridge the second week of September, he has since worked his butt off at two jobs (working about seventy hours a week) and even remained cheerful and helpful around the house. Talk about making the big, big money!

Saturday evening, I went to a Halloween party hosted by a co-worker. There were many awesome costumes, and even Sexy Panda showed up. This lady certainly lived up to her name! Although, I’d probably wear a white version and go as a Wampa. Amongst the best dressed were Barbie & Ken, Ace & Gary, Slash, Mario & Luigi, 1970’s couple, and of course, me & Devin’s costume: nerds. For some reason, people kept asking if I was Katy Perry from a music video… I didn’t make the connection until I watched it later. Nope, just a nerd! I even found my old retainer to add that finishing dorky touch. & yes, I do play the accordion.

And much to my surprise today, I received a package I did not order from Amazon. I sorted through the junk mail and bills to save the mystery box for last. Upon it’s opening, there was a note that said,

“Just because I miss you.”

A large book was wrapped in paper. My wonderful husband sure hit it out of the ball park this time! This book is an amazing trivia and knowledge fount. I am so excited to have a new book to read! But… not today or tomorrow or the next. Too busy with work. This weekend, then!

I started up a Pilates Netflix video yesterday and today was day two. For just a thirty minute routine, it sure does feel like it kicked my butt… twice. Now, if only I could cut out some of the gargantuan amounts of pasta I consume…

Lastly, the nature around my home is out of control! I have so many visitors chomping down birdseed; they’re eating me out of house and home! They know we are on borrowed time right now for the lack of snow and cold weather this season in North Dakota. One particular critter stole a chunk of suet and hides the treat in a potted flower plant. Kind of like hiding Doritos in the couch. What, you don’t do that?

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