halloween disasters

amy and i have been setting up the spookiest halloween exhibit ever to win the halloween porch decorating contest in my apartment complex. we worked all day yesterday and today. we’re making a super scary bat cave. amy carved a magnificently spooky pumpkin, and i set up a cauldron with a red light to make it glow. i wrapped and spraypainted rocks and fuzz for the ground. we hung bats to “fly” in front of you when you walk through. we even have the obligatory blacklite sensitive area, with hot pink bats and hideous green webbing.

last night, someone wrapped a spiderweb to our water heater and lit the webs on fire. i heard yelling and screaming, and our neighbors were stamping out a blazing fire. i told amy to grab the extinguisher, and they put it out that way. what a terrific mess of our porch it made.

later that night, our strobe light went missing. our carved pumpkin was smashed three stories down on the sidewalk in pieces. webs were torn down even more. and also, last night our neighbor’s four month puppy was hurled over the third story balcony. it has a fractured leg and bruised chest.

so we obviously have a stalker — someone is watching us leave and come back — they know when we’re out and in our apartment. somebody is watching us. i’m scared to death.

today, i missed class to go apartment hunting with amy (i think a fire is good enough reason to miss class). we found an excellent one on special. it’s beautiful and overlooking a lake with trees … crown molding on the ceilings, huge living room, etc. it’s in a quiet community (ie – families, late twenties, early thirties, couples) and there’s no designated visitor/resident parking! hurrah. no more parking across at the la quinta inn and walking across the highway to come visit us here…

the problem is, even with all this stuff that’s happened, jefferson commons is not taking it seriously. they are writing it off as halloween pranks. well a prank isn’t a prank when it means my room could explode! so, they won’t let us out of our lease here. amy and i are going to file complaints everyday, and try to attract attention to all the bullshit that goes on here. my favorite aspect of it is how random people stumble into your apartment and ask if you have any coke. or, stumble in for pills. or, stumble in looking for a drink. or, stumbling around high and passing out in your apartment. really classy. and the roaches will carry me off, i’m sure.

…and the incessant bass continues…

in other news, halloween party here. on halloween. ten pm.

i just cheered myself up by playing my accordion. how’s that for prozac?

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