Halloween 2010

This post is mostly going to be pictures, because I’ve been too busy to update and think of meaningful things to tell. I move to Minot, ND in exactly one month, and I am closing on my house this week. I am also gearing up for a check ride Tuesday. I’m also planing a large event in May. Moving, buying a house, planning events, check ride. Just one of those things generally sends people of the edge. I’m working with four or five!

The framed print to the left is an Etsy find; it’s a page from a 1940s children’s book about various breeds of dogs. I love the illustrations in vintage children’s books, probably because I grew up reading The Bumper Book and The Real Mother Goose, both which feature fantastic illustrations. I found a copy of the latter in an independent book kiosk while in Seattle, WA last Christmas. Wonder if it was mine, and managed to travel cross country? It’s interesting to think about, anyway. I hope to put this precious little illustration in the kitchen of my new home. It’s going to be a homestyle 1930’s kitchen, complete with lace cafe curtains, white painted wood cabinets with glass hardware, Fiestaware china and yellow plaid tablecloths from my mother’s themed luncheon restaurant from ten years ago.

The first group of photos are a few more from the Mafia Mystery dinner theater. I’m wielding a gun wearing opera gloves and a diamond bracelet. Well, how else would one do it? The second set is from a Halloween party. My costume this year was Garth, and Devin went as Wayne. I agreed to help my fellow crew member Kris with his zombie makeup. It’s been years since I had done it, so it was time for a refresher. I think it came out pretty gruesome, if I may say so. Some of the other costumes were a shoe salesman, witch, dead track stars, and Mother Nature with her gift.

I hope I can make it through this week. I have my check ride brief tomorrow, the flight Tuesday, a simulator test and verbal test Wednesday, and another simulator on Friday. One event at a time…

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