In other news, a customer at work asked if I was a BCC student and would be interested in being in a BCC radio commercial. Sweet…! Maybe, just one day I can be in a cheesy photo collage, too!

15 thoughts on “Haircut.

  1. Cunt, Friday? I’m across the hall. I know, I know. Matty. But seriously, if you need a friend, I’m here as always. I know you’ve been distancing yourself, but I’m still here…

    Hope you get it all taken care of. ♥

    • Sounds like you are having as shitty of a week as I am having. If you count staying up till 4am on a website on countless validations errors that you couldn’t figure out for a big exam grade that was due 3 hours earlier. Tests up to the beejesus, and speeches, and 8 hour work days. Yea I had a nervous breakdown last night, didnt eat, and shoot and cried for hours. Hope you are able to handle the stress better than I faired, and don’t worry all your wildest dreams will come true! psst and monday you can be fashion mohawk friend at the gym! Feel better. Better days are coming!

  2. love it love it love it love it!!

    It’s going to grow out fast though – haircuts like that w/the “almost in the eyes” length require sooo much upkeep.

    It looks fantastic though 🙂

      • HA! You are slim, therefore look amazing with short hair. I am not, so I need more hair to make my head look larger for balance.
        (Yeah, worst. explanation. ever.)
        I’m letting my hair grow out, and I kinda think it looks cute. Desperately need a trim though, as you can probably tell in my “new glasses” post!

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