Hair Style.

Another hair style. Wore it out about today:


Today I went car shopping. Not really “real” car shopping like with money in hand, but just to browse. I can safely say my dream car is an Audi Q5. No used ones yet because 2010 was the first year they had one. Figures. Maybe when I’m a childless Major I can get one. No sticky seats or cheerios smashed into THOSE carpets, thanks. Not at $45,000. That’s like an entire year’s pay. No way man.

Oh, note of understanding: I am only getting a new car because I have to move to Minot, ND. I need something with AWD/4WD and a V6 engine. My rear-wheel drive, 4cyl PT Cruiser isn’t going to cut it. I’m actually upset because I don’t really want any other car. I’d buy another PT in a heartbeat.

So I looked at the VW Tiguan. A bit sportier than the Ford Escape I was originally looking at. I don’t really know what to get. Glad I have six more months to worry about it.

Here‘s a recording of me playing “Lili Marlene” on the piano from yesterday. Yep.

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