You can’t change a man, they don’t make changing tables big enough!

8 thoughts on “Ha!

  1. Oh MAN! A walk down memory lane! You’re fantastic.

    My dad bought this album for me but liked it so much he kept it!

    My dad has a bunch of awful early 90s CDs, too!! He was so excited to have a CD player circa 1991 that he filled his CD collection with albums by MC Hammer and En Vogue and Salt n Pepa. (Speaking of which, my ex-boyfriend sings a KILLER version of “Push It.” And he’d probably kill me if he saw that I just declared that on the internet.)

  2. I remember a boy copping a feel on my ass during an assembly in grade eight and I started punching him in the throat for it. In time to “Y’All Ready For This?”.

    Happy times. ^_^

  3. The 90’s were great.

    I was born in 90, so I was a little kid when all of the bad dance bands came out, but I knew all the words to every Ace of Base song.

    And Spice Girls! Oh how I loved them. They started a British invasion in the 90’s.

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