heeeere’s johnny! i’m home, everyone. how exciting is such a time. i’m writing here much too late at night, so i will update again soon.

i went to sticksville, right outside asheville, north carolina. my parents have a vacation house there in the mountains, only 45 minutes from the nearest town. it takes 10 hours to drive there from cocoa, fl. joyous.

don’t forget yer gas at the HOT SPOT.

so i read a lot while i was there… i read journey to the center of the earth by jules verne, salem’s lot by steven king, and where the red fern grows by wilson rawles. that’s crazy a lot of books there. but nothing else to do. i watched a lot of movies, slept, and went shopping. i got a new skirt and a new hat. you love it.

i ate here. does that make you smile? i saw a bat, too. they wobble when they fly.

i went on the appalachian trail a little bit because it went over a mountain close to the house. me and the rents (how wholesome) went on a small picnic. my dog ate a bunch of our cheese when we weren’t looking. stupid dog. stupid rat dog.

the greyhound ride back was… really long. it took about 15 hours and they lost my luggage. they aren’t very friendly either. and they make you pay to use the bathroom.

there were these awesome black ladies on the bus, they were saying the funniest things ever and i almost suffocated myself muffling my laughs. the bus takes scenic routes, the back roads. i saw the most wonderful victorian houses, and one looked just like sabrina the teenage witches’ house. so wonderful.

evan’s band, F.O.A.D., is having practice soon. i will be the coolest thrash metal drummer in the whole world. i will wear ugly lacey skirts and corsets to play shows. insidious needs a keyboardist, and asked me. i will be the coolest spooky band keyboardist in the whole world. the frumps have practice tomorrow. i will be the coolest riot grrrl bassist in the whole world. christ i need to stop getting ahead of myself.

it’s 12.09 am. this journal entry sucked. matty bought me the book bust: a guide to the new girl order and it’s the most wonderful book in the whole world. he also saved me a huge section in the newspaper about modern feminism in my town. such is lovely. he also took me to olive garden, and i felt like a queen.

work tomorrow, and i have to get my college/high school dual enrollment forms turned in. bleh.

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