greek wedding

today was such a terribly blah day at school. nothing exciting happened. nothing happened at all. i felt like i was floating through the hallways sort of disconnected and discontented, but at what i’m not sure.

last night was the rasputina show at the back booth in orlando. i was so excited to go and everything. i called the club and asked what time the show started and everything, and they said doors open at nine. i asked the cost. seven dollars. i asked the age. eighteen and up. eighteen? you have to be at least eighteen to enjoy music now? what a load. usually those sorts of shows are sixteen and up. i’m not a teeny bopper, okay? what the hell does age have to do with enjoying a favorite band?

i was very sad, naturally. i called matty when he got home from school and told him of my woes. he said he would like very much to take me to a movie in melbourne. that made me so happy that he was trying to make me feel better, and it did. we saw the movie “my big fat greek wedding” and it was marvelous, albeit corny. i noticed one reason why i liked it, during the movie. the actors and actresses are natural. there was no anorexia. there was no sunken cheekbones and phony blonde dye jobs. and best of all the people seemed real. really real. like you could go up to them and talk or go in their nice little greek restaurant and order a gyro without them flipping their hair and posing. such a relief from all the britneys, jennifer anistons, and reese witherspoons. it makes a girl proud to be herself.

after the movie we went to barnes and noble. we talked about a web design for matty’s site. that’s right, he wants a site. so we figured something out after about an hour, and it’s almost up and published. i’ll be sure to let you know when it’s unveiled. i’m hosting him, obviously.

tonight i returned to the same cinema with my sister and my cousin. we saw “master of disguise”. let me stress now the complete and total ignorance and waste of that movie. it was, by far, the worst movie i have ever seen. yes, i counted three jokes that i found funny. it wears you down and by the end of the film, you’re just dumb enough to begin to laugh about the movie.

my college classes start monday. i hope i have economics with matty.

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