Gone Exploring

COPE NORTH. The large, tri-lateral war games exercises out here in Guam went off without a hitch or accident. The final official Air Force released report mentioned three thousand participants, and a slew of aircraft. I ended my participation with three flights and “engagements.” It’s interesting to see how the B-52 integrates with players from all over the world. When we took the taxiways, everyone stopped what they were doing to gawk at us. On takeoff, all eyes were on the B-52. No matter who you are or where you come from, this aircraft is synonymous with mass destruction and air superiority. Watch here for a video produced by Andersen AFB for further coverage on the event.

HIKING. — Last weekend, I was invited to go on a hike to see some beautiful areas here on Guam. A few new members from my squadron arrived here for a couple weeks, and one of them is an avid nature explorer. One of my room mates here, the flight doc, goes hiking almost weekly. She returns in her unsoiled white shorts and dry tank top. So, naturally, I figured the hike would be just as taxing, or lack thereof. However… however, this particular hike involved climbing up and down a mountainside full of rocks, climbing down into a cave, carrying your pack over your head in an underwater cavern passage (with the water up over your head), and it was over four hours to get it all done. I managed to keep my camera and equipment dry, but little else in the 85°F and 100% humidity! It rained, as well, but the forest canopy absorbed most of the precipitation. Later that evening, we were troopers and went out to dinner. From hiking to glam in just a few hours. It’s true, only few can manage it…

When I was walking along the beach this weekend, I happened upon a Tern nest. I’ll have to bring my camera next time. It’s interesting that no matter where you point your camera on this island, most of the time it’s postcard material.

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