Going to AR.

Yesterday I went to the jewelry store, antiquing and to a record store. There happened to be a gourmet cupcake shop next door to the record store. I found a cache of tasty vinyl selections, including The Best of Julie London, The Jam’s Snap!, Billy Joel’s Turnstiles, Van Halen II, David Lee Roth’s Eat ’em and Smile (which is out of print on CD as well), & a bunch more. They also buy vinyl. Sweet. I was sitting cross-legged in a white cotton sundress on the concrete floor of the shop digging through musty records.

For Independence Day, Larry and I went to see the symphony at the outdoor Sunken Gardens here in San Antonio. The orchestra played the themes from Star Wars, as well as Harry Potter’s theme. Then, they moved on to the patriotic music. They played the Armed Services medley, where they play the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine, Army and Air Force songs. If you are serving or have served in any of the branches, you stand at attention when they play it. Larry stood for the Marine hymn and I for the Air Force song. While playing some Aaron Copland & Sousa they had a fabulous fireworks display. Quite impressive!

Today I had to plan a flight route to Arkansas to fly tomorrow. There will be a quick lunch, then back on the plane to fly back. Six hours in the plane, total tomorrow. I’m going to be really tired, to say the least. I’ve been selected by my dear classmates to brief tomorrow. Gotta be there at 6:15am. I chose one of the routes to go right over Pueblo, CO where I went to that IFS flight school. Ha! One of my classmates that was actually in my flight there said he’s going to go drop a deuce right when we’re flying over it. “Pilot, Nav: release ordnance..now!”

“It’s boring, but it’s my life.” The yellow line is the route up, the orange is the route back. The orange route goes from out east in Arkansas, then west to Colorado, then south to San Antonio, TX. About 2200 miles, total. I know how much it sucks driving from Pueblo, CO to San Antonio – 14 hour drive. We can fly it in about 2 hours.

And here is a new piece of art I did for the bulletin board in the squadron. Larry was tasked to re-do it… It looked so sad I had to help. I’ve sold out. I do art for Uncle Sam now…

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  1. Oh MAN…I’m so excited to see that the #1 worst-rated movie is “Manos: The Hands of Fate.” It was so bad that I can’t believe I watched the entire thing.

    Also, I’ve never seen “Santa With Muscles” (starring Hulk Hogan – #13), but my friend Amanda and I constantly use it as a reference point of illogic (i.e., “‘The Blue Angel’ is wasting away on celluloid…but ‘Santa With Muscles’ is preserved on DVD.”)

  2. Odd to see DLR on my friendslist since today I was cleaning out Dad’s office and I found some candid pics of VH back in the late 70’s. It’s a treasure trove of random rubbish here, I swear.

    And that’s the cheeriest croc I’ve ever seen.

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