give blood

hearing: manu chao – je ne t’aime plus | feeling: hungry

…and what else would i be feeling? last night i went to see once upon a time in mexico with quite a few people. the movie itself? it was visually pleasing, but i hadn’t a clue what the plot was. i just watched, stared; i enjoyed what i was seeing, but couldn’t quite grasp the plot. i guess my pretty new shoes are to blame. everyone kept staring at them.

i like peanut butter m&m’s and cherry coke at the movies.

after, everyone came over to my apartment for some pink lemonade martini slushies and a game of “battle of the sexes”. the girls won by a board-&-a-half. we pay attention more. at midnight, i took my super nintendo to jesse’s work and we played for three hours. what else do i have to do after everyone’s gone home with their significant others or work? i’m an orphan. yes, a friend orphan at times.

i was walking to go home from school, and a big bus was parked along the sidewalk. people were out front passing out flyers. “give blood! save a life!” i walked past, but went another 10 steps and my conscience got the better of me. after waiting an hour and a half, i finally am up to get the deed done. the nurse plunged the needle into my arm, and i sat patiently, waiting. turns out, my blood clots far too quickly to give blood. so i filled half a bag, not enough to help anyone, and i have to take a blood thinner if i want to give blood again. all that aggravation for…? and look at the souvenirs i got to take home!

because the needle obviously wasn’t.

i got my new shiny cornet in the mail, all the way from india! they packed it in a sad looking box, wrapped it in cloth, sewed the sides by hand, and sealed it with sealing wax. oh, ebay. you’re so funny. especially when they call you “mister” martin. yes, so there’s my address. send me pig testes. or something pretty.

so i played a little tune for matthew. he put a pillow over his ears.

RANDOM FOH-TOE-GRAFF TIME! or in other words, photos i meant to post, but forgot. or didn’t feel the need to write about.

shadowbox with ella fitzgerald’s personal items.

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