gay jay

aw i was feelin really sad tonight, because my boy didn’t give a crap enough to call me. so i did what i did last night when he didn’t give a crap to call me again, looked to my reliable friends.

friday i went malling with kristina and bought clueless on dvd. tonight, however, i called jay to see what he was up to, and sure enough, he was heading to new way. he said i could tag along, so i did. i felt sort of out of place (since i don’t OWN a car or anything), but hey, i learned a lot about cars. after about 2 hours, this girlie named kim showed up, the only girlie in car club. her car is soooo beeeyoutiful! it’s a honda civic 2001; gold, with gold coloured rims to match, and a black leather interior. it was so wonderful! she even took me for a ride in it. i want a car! someday i will get one!

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