Fourth of July

A lot of good and not so good things have happened since last week. I really should update more often, so that events don’t get so backlogged. I have so many photos to share and never enough space to share them. Last week I had a flight in which we planned a simulated CALCM launch; That’s pretending to launch conventional cruise missiles for the newbies. It was the last sortie in this training block, and we will be welcoming an additional crew member from here on out. It was a good day for a flight; The weather was a bit cooler and breezy. Overcast clouds make for slightly bearable Louisiana temperatures. The flight I have this week is going to be practicing combat maneuvers. Someone get me an airsick bag!

This weekend my beau came to visit me from Texas. The last time I had seen him was for my sister’s baby shower in the end of May. We dined Saturday night at this historic Victorian mansion-turned fine restaurant here in Shreveport called The Mabry House. Besides each room being uniquely decorated with period furniture, it was private, quaint and the food was very good. They kindly served us strong cocktails and gave us much privacy and time to talk. Earlier that day, Larry bought me a beautiful silk scarf from the Coach store. I thought it looked fabulous with my dress. I love scarves! The intent of the weekend was to just relax and take some time out from our busy schedules. Unfortunately, this week coming up is going to be extremely busy, even though it’s only a four day week!

For Independence Day, my buddy Devin bought a brand new charcoal grill extraordinaire and invited us over for a cookout. Plainly speaking, he bought enough food and booze for an army, although I’m certainly not complaining. After grazing and chatting for a couple hours, we walked across the street to the 8th Air Force Museum. Devin’s apartment has a view of the SR-71. It’s arguably the best view in the whole city. Some people prefer parks. Some prefer mountains or rivers. We prefer retired stealth supersonic aircraft. The museum featured different variants of bombers, including the B-17, B-24, B-29, B-52G. My great uncle Lloyd flew B-17s in WWII. My grandfather Ivan flew B-29s in over fifty bombing missions in Korea. I can’t wait to fly my B-52 to North Korea, if you know what I mean… Anyway, it was nice to get out and see some military history on our nation’s birthday, and how we keep our nation’s freedom through deterrent force. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to play a part in 8th Air Force history! Did you know Jimmy Stewart was in the 8th Air Force? He eventually made the rank of General!

Larry left today and I watched Top Hat (1935) with Devin. I absolutely love the sets of that film, with all the white furniture that screams art deco. Whose hotel room has twenty foot ceilings? Really? Tomorrow is a simulator mission that begins at 0600. The weekend is almost over!

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